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Why Main and Broad?

A Local Expert Committed to Excellence

This is the section where real estate professionals will tell you that they are the best in the business - which we are. This is where builders will tout that they will bring your project in on time and on budget - which we do. It’s the place where designers and organizers will laud how creative and unique their process is - which ours is.


At Main and Broad we solve home problems. Every home, like every family, is different. As your life evolves, your home needs to adjust to those changes. Few things are as frustrating as living in a space that just doesn’t work as well as it should or maybe used to; the kitchen that was perfect when you were single but no longer works as a family of 3, the closet where you can never find that sweater and ultimately keep buying more; or perhaps a house that simply needs some fixing up. 



At Main and Broad we get that. We know that just as one size does not fit all, there is no one solution that will fix every problem. So we start with a conversation, to get to know your needs and every day plans for that space. Next we present options to solve those problems. It might be as simple as reorganizing, as involved as renovation, or as complicated as finding a new home. After careful consideration, should you chose to move forward, we will partner with you, recommend skilled tradesmen, or manage the entire project. 


Our Services

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Styling you home to reflect your personality and your life.


Partnering with you from concept to completetion.

Real Estate

Ensuring you have the right home for your life right now.

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Mike’s greatest asset is that he knows the local market and makes it his priority to know his clients. He is always on the look out for that perfect fit. He sold my home quickly for more than I thought it would go for. He was there every step of the way and his knowledge about construction, home  repair, and the current market will always make him my go to for any real estate questions I have.

Rebecca C.

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Becky Cobler - 734.576.6354
Mike Penn - 734.726.0810

3374 Broad St. Dexter MI 48130

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